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Feb 2016
  • Updated the resources page with new information.

Dec 2015-Jan 2016
  • Health hiatus. :)

Nov 2015
  • Frozen Fairy Tales, an anthology of fairy tale and folktale retellings set in winter, released.

Oct 2015

Sept 2015

Aug 2015
  • Made a mobile-friendly version of the updates page with wordpress, which you can access here.

July 2015
  • Librarians can purchase Persinette for their catalog using EbooksAreForever. Otherwise, there is a lot more going on behind-the-scenes this month than out for public view.
  • I updated the Resources page with lots of ways to purchase French-language books.

June 2015

May 2015

April 2015

March 2015
  • Updated the Resources page with information on how to get started as a literary translator. I also retooled this page to make it look more purdy. ;)
  • Released Persinette on Patreon, made it available for pre-order on Amazon.

Feb 2015
  • Expanded and updated the Resources page and reorganized the Folktales page. This update is basically housekeeping to make room for future updates.
  • Laptop troubles mean no substantial update this time, but I did describe an alternative version to "The Nymph of Wangenbourg" folktale in its footnotes.

Jan 2015
  • Finally created the Resources page, thanks to my supporters on Patreon for giving me the impulse to sit down and do it. In fact, you can also thank them for unlocking this month's second update which will appear on the 15th.
  • Bonus: "The Nymph of Wangenbourg Castle," an Alsatian folktale linking Wangenbourg castle with the folklore-rich Nideck Waterfall. It also makes a good mirror-image to last month's folktale.

Dec 2014

Nov 2014

Oct 2014
  • Transcription of the original French text of Mlle de La Force's "Persinette" posted
  • Added the cover for second draft of poetry-to-prose translation of Pierre Corneille's Andromeda. Cover design by Niki Smith.

Sept 2014
  • "Rapunzel," Friedrich Schulz's 1790 German translation of Mlle de La Force's "Persinette" posted

Aug 2014
  • Basic site finished

July 2014
  • Site created
  • Act 1, Scene 1 of 2008 rough draft of Andromeda posted


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