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Oh look, I’m not dead!

My holidays/health hiatus is over, though it will take a bit to rebuild momentum, so expect updates to be slow until I can figure out where I stand and build some new routines.  Y’know, inertia.

I just updated the resources section with the following trickle of new information:

Q: Where do you find all these folktales and fairy tales you’re translating? Can you provide links so I can read more?
A: Of course! This list will be continually updated:

Resources: Finding French-language books


For French-speakers:

Q: How do I find and purchase French-language books even though I do not live in France and do not have the funds to just jump on a plane and go shopping in French bookstores?
A: The first step in purchasing books is to figure out how to browse and find something you want to read. Here are a few ways to do that from a distance:

  • If you search for the phrase “c’est lundi que lisez-vous ?” you will find all sorts of francophone bloggers and vloggers who talk about what they’ve read or are currently reading. They describe the book, talk about why they do or don’t like it, and sometimes they even provide links so you can purchase it yourself. (Examples: SFFF 100% VF (blog), Margaud Liseuse (vlog))
  • You can browse for books on retailers such as, Décitre, and Fnac using their search categories and algorithms. More than likely, you won’t be able to make a long-distance e-book purchase at any of these retailers due to geoblocking or credit card restrictions, though you can certainly use their site to browse and make your book wishlist. (Note: You can use to purchase print books and ship them to you. I’ve found that shipping&handling costs from turns out to be the price of another book.)

The second step, if you don’t want to have to import print books, is to find an e-book retailer that 1) does not have their entire catalog geoblocked, and 2) accepts credit cards from other countries, whether via Paypal or otherwise. Here are a few websites I’ve found that sell French-language e-books around the world, however most of these have poor book-discovery methods, so I would suggest searching elsewhere before using these to purchase the books you want:

  • Immaté used to meet all of the above requirements. Now, however, with the change to 7switch, only a selection of their books are not geoblocked. If the book you’re looking for is published by a small press or is self-published, check here.
  • Iggybook operates a lot like Smashwords. Any e-books they sell direct from their own store is available for purchase around the world.
  • Youscribe is like the French version of Scribd and is reading-subscription based. However, the first month is free and you can also purchase and download individual e-books–even from major publishers.

Finding books to read in the public domain is much easier. Two major sites that have an extraordinary collection are